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Growing up, Kevin’s home resonated with the spirit of entrepreneurship. It started unexpectedly when he was just 8. His father, having lost his job,decided to turn his basement into a haven for bearded dragons - an endeavor inspired by his pet “Spike”. It was a move of resilience, creativity, and determination.

A few years later, by the age of 11, Kevin was deeply immersed in the family's new venture: a drive-thru beer distributorship. He wasn't just a bystander; he was actively involved. Initially as a beer runner for customers, but as he got older, Kevin learned the aspects of managing inventory, customer service while working the register and even making bank deposits while closing the store for the night. It was this hands-on exposure that taught him the intricacies of running a business from a young age.

Fast-forward to Kevin’s college days, where he balanced studies with shifts at the family business, working his way towards a degree and subsequently earning a CPA license. Kevin’s role in auditing mid-sized companies brought him face-to-face with a blend of corporate precision, financial expertise, and grassroots understanding.

Walnut St CFO is the culmination of all these experiences. Kevin doesn’t just bring the analytical perspective of a financial expert; he brings the heart, soul, and grit of someone who's seen the ups and downs of a small business from the inside.

Our commitment is deep-rooted in understanding the unique challenges and stories of every small business owner we partner with.

Our goal? To transform your narrative into financial success and longevity. At Walnut St CFO, your business journey becomes a shared mission, a partnership where we weave your past, present, and future into a legacy of growth and prosperity.

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