What Tools Do We Use?

Tools to help our clients succeed

Written by Kevin Riccio on 3/2/2021

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1. Financial Health Scoreboard:

  • Description: An all-encompassing, easy-to-understand scoreboard that rates different aspects of a business’s financial health.
  • Features: Metrics & profit drivers visualized in a color-coded, easy-to-digest format. This tool offers a quick glance to discern how the business is doing and where interventions might be needed.

2. Dynamic Cash Flow Tracking System:

  • Description: A real-time tool designed for tracking, managing, and predicting business cash flow.
  • Features: Allows businesses to enter expected inflows and outflows, visualize cash flow trends over time, and receive alerts when cash flow might become an issue, ensuring they’re never caught off guard.

3. Financial Success Blueprint:

  • Description: A comprehensive roadmap tailored to each business, detailing strategies, steps, and best practices to achieve their specific financial goals.
  • Features: Based on initial financial assessments, this blueprint offers actionable steps, timelines, and milestones, serving as a tangible plan for growth and financial stability.